My corporate presentations provide functional ways to approach yoga in the workplace.

The program is not a yoga class, where one needs a mat and special clothes; it’s more a rethinking about how your staff operates in their work environment, and is therefore more appealing to those who would never find themselves in attemding a yoga class. Since the majority of our time is spent in the activities of our life, I have designed the experience to bring yoga function to the workplace.


Class is held in the work space, looking at posture and habitual work habits that often create fatigue and escalate into bigger physical problems. I address ergonomics and what can be done within what each individual deals with from day to day, even on their way to and from the work place.

Drawing from my yoga therapy and Integrated Positional Therapy trainings, I help present a fresh perspective on things that have become rote and familiar. Simply put, when you can feel something amiss then feel a correction, you won’t soon forget it.

Rethinking our surroundings is “no fuss” and literally “no sweat”, just positive information designed to create a healthy work place and, as a result, a more healthy individual.  

            Past Clients Include;

                        Symposia Events

                       X+1 Nex Marketing

                         U.S. Chemicals

                        Smith & Handley

                   Lemberg & Associates

                              Fuji Film

                        General Electric


robert ortner Yoga Educator and Spiritual Entertainer 203-253-6904

robert ortner Yoga Educator and Spiritual Entertainer 203-253-6904