Our 2nd CD titled Tomorrow Never Knows

Through living the peace that we came here to create, we understand that joy & loss are but two sides of the same coin within  the vast beauty and joy we feel as our lives unfold, and in holding closely all those that we have loved and are gone. Humanity's common thread is that our joy and pain are what make us all one.

12 songs available on CD and digital download.  released June 2022

This is our self-titled 1st CD. Peace at Om

And was created with tender, loving care and gratitude.

It is dedicated to all people seeking peace and equality, and to our dear friend, sister, and musician Patti Preiss-Harris who has moved on to a finer place in the Universe. A sweeter heart cannot be found. May she find Peace at Om

11 songs available on CD and digital download. released June 30, 2020

For booking or to join the email list   info@peace-at-om.com                   

Find our videos on YouTube  www.youtube.com/PeaceAtOm

Purchase our music on Bandcamp   www.peace-at-om.bandcamp.com

Our musical goal is to Ceate uplifting music            helping to spread peace and understanding to all who hear it.    

                       "Be the change you wish to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi

Wendy Simmons Taylor, Composer, Vocalist, Bassist, Flute and Keyboards. She has toured and recorded nationally with Vicki Sue Robinson of "Turn the beat around" as well as numerous other credits.

Robert Ortner, Composer, Vocalist, Bassist, Acoustic guitar's, Tabla drums and percussion, and keyboards. Has toured and recorded in the NY tri state area, South Florida and the Caribbean.

Both Wendy and Robert are professional Yoga teachers.

To contact Peace at OM Robert@peace-at-om.com

2022 Performance schedule

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Sunday June 12th 11:30am at Avant Garde New Age Boutique

Sunday August 14th 11:30am at Avant Garde New Age Boutique

Wednesday, December 21 from 7:00 - 8:00 pm Sticks & Stones Farm, 197 Huntingtown Road, Newtown CT

Peace at Om Concert

Our 3rd CD titled Colors of Love

Continuing with all new songs about Peace, Love, and Personal Freedom.

12 songs available on CD and digital download.  released March 2024